First Post of the Year!

Well I haven’t shared much of what I have been doing recently on here but I aim to change that. I have had lots of interesting projects coming up lately and if you want to see more head over to my Instagram account where I share much more frequently. I was really lucky to work with Justauniform doing some awesome lifestyle shots of EsaEvans collaboration jewellery pieces with Laura Alice Prints.


So Justauniform and I took some lovely photos in a cafe (and we may have had a coffee too) and then we headed over to The Turner Contemporary in Margate as I thought the local to us iconic building would work nicely with the iconic buildings of London that Laura Alice Prints and Esa Evans used as inspiration for their gorgeous designs.  Although it was cold we were lucky with the lighting.



Serious Coat Envy.

Something a bit different for this shoot with Fashionforlunch. As titled I had some serious coat envy and may even have to get one myself. There is a view of Dreamland in the background of some of these and it made a change to focus on the light and shadow rather than the bright colours in the background. Contrast was my friend during the editing process.

Mermaid hair.

Justauniform and  I just had to make the most of the Margate sun we had for this shoot, and this mosaic wall worked amazingly well with the theme of this outfit. Margate has so many fun and inspiring places to shoot and it seems like there is always somewhere new to go. This bag was fantastic to photograph with it’s 2d appearance.

Fashion For Lunch Shoot

I really enjoyed the last shoot with Fashionforlunch. We found a great spot along Margate seafront with some fantastically colourful street art. The background worked perfectly with the details and accessories of fashionforlunch’s outfit. It was a warm and sunny day and the light was nicely diffused which provided some great flexibility whilst editing. Fashionforlunch was comfortable and relaxed during this shoot and I think it shows in the photographs.

Beach Hair!

Here are a few of my favourite photographs taken yesterday from Solarium Point’s Beach Hair promotional event on Margate beach. It was a great day and I got to meet up with some of the local business owners, such as Black Deep and Madame Popoff Vintage, whilst they had their hair braided. It was such a lovely afternoon and I also got to meet up with Justauniform to see her new mermaid hair also by the talented staff at Solarium Point.

Sunny Seaside Shoot.

Well tomorrow I am meeting up with labelsforlunch for a photoshoot and I thought that I would show you guys some of the photo’s from our previous shoot. It was such a sunny day along Margate beach and we couldn’t resist these seaside shots. Let’s hope tomorrow gives us some lovely weather to shoot in and some of those pretty skies to play with. I just love how the bright orange and pinks in the outfit work with the seaside theme of these photograph’s and I especially love the shots outside of the seaside shop. Lots of fun accessories to shoot as always with labelsforlunch’s shoots and it was lots of fun.


Let’s go vintage!

Well after a few weeks away I am finding it difficult to get back into the swing of things but looking back at this shoot has reinvigorated my inspiration and I can’t wait to get back out there with my camera. Check out Justauniform for more details about her outfits and accessories.. I loved how I could change the overall style of these images because of the versatile form of outfit that Justauniform is using here, and those moody clouds are so much fun to play with. Here are a few ways I enjoyed portraying these photographs and whereas I showed you a few of my favourite portrait shots from this shoot before, here I am showing some of the great accessories and outfit shots that we also captured. I adore that braid and I think that it really made the vintage feel to these images and the jewellery is really cute with those flowers and beads.

I do love living so close to the beach and being able to use such a naturally beautiful backdrop to my photography, and every shoot we do looks different.


Speaking of the nineties!

In Justauniform’s recent shoots she has been really flaunting the nineties style and bringing back memories of the fashion styles of that era. The Street art backdrop worked perfectly here with her style and for more information about the fantastic street art that has been going on around Margate recently go and check out Street art Margate’s Facebook community or check them out on twitter and Instagram with #streetartmargate. I love to see all of the new and amazing art that is happening around here and it really is a very inspirational thing taking place. I have used the street art a lot as backdrops for these fashion shoots because I just love how they work well together. I will go back and show you some of the previous street art shoots soon and I am hoping to go around and photograph some of the other works that are around  in the very near future.

Anyway back to Justauniform’s shoot, I love working with these mirrored glasses and have more from this shoot to show you with more of a focus on them. There was a focus brief for not only the outfit but also the captivating braids and nails as well as the gorgeous jewellery. We had so many great photographs from this shoot that it was difficult to narrow my favourites down. I am really fond  of the portrait shots that we captured and hope that you enjoy this colourful shoot.

Margate’s Lido Fashion Shoot

We just couldn’t resist the pull of that blue sea and sky for this shoot. Such a beautiful day and the bold red of the Lido looked striking against its naturally blue backdrop. Justauniform’s summery nineties inspired outfit worked so well here and it was so much fun making use of such a large landmark in our shoot. Again there are some mirrored lenses which I love and they reflect back the more the streets of Cliftonville. Her braided hair works nicely here too and the overall feel of these photo’s is a summery day with that afternoon sun just getting ready to set in the distance. A good shoot making use of the natural light and the striking colours around us. Go to Justauniform’s blog to find out more details, she also has fantastic Twitter, Instagram and Fashiontap accounts if you search her name.

Labels for lunch!

How could we resist a photoshoot on such a glorious day in Margate a few weeks ago? Even with my toddler in tow I am amazed at the photos that we got. The sea and the sky were such a perfect blue and everyone around us was enjoying themselves. Could this be the start of more good weather to come? Lets hope so.

Check out Labelforlunch’s fantastic blog

Mermaid School

You may remember the glasses shot that I showed a few days ago from this shoot and I have to say that I loved photographing the mirrored lenses. And what a beautiful place to use them, reflecting the sights of the dreamland’s Scenic Railway. The colours of Justauniform’s outfit couldn’t have gone better with our mermaid school backdrop and I think that she really would love to go to mermaid school. This was supposed to be a quick session however we took loads of shots because it was just so much fun. And those glasses just scream for more portrait shots to be taken in other locations. DSC_4001 DSC_4035DSC_4067 DSC_4149 DSC_4150 DSC_4152

Mirrored Glasses

I just can’t resist posting this photograph from Justauniform’s latest shoot. There are more from this one to come but I feel this photograph needs a post of its own. Mirrored glasses are not the easiest to photograph but I love shooting them so much. I find it fascinating to capture the different reflections in them. This shoot was in Dreamland’s amazing grounds and so you can see part of The Scenic Railway track along with those stunning clouds. TDSC_4145he colours work so well together and I really love the bokeh in these photograph.

Dream Big

I just loved labelsforlunch’s photo shoot near this dreamland sign a little while ago. I just love how the yellow and gold colours in her outfit go so well with this colourful sign and general Dreamland atmosphere . I had so much fun on this shoot and I think it shows in the photographs. We are so lucky to live in Margate with so many great places to photograph. I am hoping to do more photography around Dreamland, there are so many opportunities. I have used these photographs in my out an about photo gallery so go take a look at what else I have in there. Or pop over to Labelsforlunch’s blog for more info on her outfit and accessories. Dream Big is an appropriate title for this as I am working hard on my dream career right now! I am feeling colourful.DSC_1455DSC_1348

Justauniform’s Fashion Shots

I have been trying my hardest to narrow down a few of my favourite shots from’s last photo shoot and it has been so difficult. I just love how the colours and overall feel of the location worked with her outfit, and how the slight breeze gave movement to her hair and dress. Margate is fantastic for all of these great locations to photograph.

Pop over to her fashion blog if you are interested in any of the items.

DSC_2989 DSC_3006 DSC_3030 DSC_3048 DSC_3105 DSC_3135