Mermaid hair.

Justauniform and  I just had to make the most of the Margate sun we had for this shoot, and this mosaic wall worked amazingly well with the theme of this outfit. Margate has so many fun and inspiring places to shoot and it seems like there is always somewhere new to go. This bag was fantastic to photograph with it’s 2d appearance.

Margate’s Lido Fashion Shoot

We just couldn’t resist the pull of that blue sea and sky for this shoot. Such a beautiful day and the bold red of the Lido looked striking against its naturally blue backdrop. Justauniform’s summery nineties inspired outfit worked so well here and it was so much fun making use of such a large landmark in our shoot. Again there are some mirrored lenses which I love and they reflect back the more the streets of Cliftonville. Her braided hair works nicely here too and the overall feel of these photo’s is a summery day with that afternoon sun just getting ready to set in the distance. A good shoot making use of the natural light and the striking colours around us. Go to Justauniform’s blog to find out more details, she also has fantastic Twitter, Instagram and Fashiontap accounts if you search her name.

What a milkshake!

I would just like to thank MELT in Margate for making my little boy so excited about his milk shake last week. He loved watching you make them and couldn’t wait to try his chocolate milkshake with chocolate sprinkles and a chocolate flake. You may notice two other milkshakes and one might have been mine and the other may have been labelsforlunch‘s. They were delicious and we can’t wait to go back.DSC_3950 DSC_3955 DSC_3966 DSC_3970

Mirrored Glasses

I just can’t resist posting this photograph from Justauniform’s latest shoot. There are more from this one to come but I feel this photograph needs a post of its own. Mirrored glasses are not the easiest to photograph but I love shooting them so much. I find it fascinating to capture the different reflections in them. This shoot was in Dreamland’s amazing grounds and so you can see part of The Scenic Railway track along with those stunning clouds. TDSC_4145he colours work so well together and I really love the bokeh in these photograph.

Dream Big

I just loved labelsforlunch’s photo shoot near this dreamland sign a little while ago. I just love how the yellow and gold colours in her outfit go so well with this colourful sign and general Dreamland atmosphere . I had so much fun on this shoot and I think it shows in the photographs. We are so lucky to live in Margate with so many great places to photograph. I am hoping to do more photography around Dreamland, there are so many opportunities. I have used these photographs in my out an about photo gallery so go take a look at what else I have in there. Or pop over to Labelsforlunch’s blog for more info on her outfit and accessories. Dream Big is an appropriate title for this as I am working hard on my dream career right now! I am feeling colourful.DSC_1455DSC_1348

Spring pops up

On our way around Margate today we could really tell that the weather is definitely on the change. Whilst looking around we saw these street performers using the spring breeze to help them make these huge bubbles and entertain the beach goers. It shows what our town is definitely all about, sunny beach fun.

DSC_3538 DSC_3532 DSC_3531 DSC_3517 DSC_3516-Edit DSC_3536