Speaking of the nineties!

In Justauniform’s recent shoots she has been really flaunting the nineties style and bringing back memories of the fashion styles of that era. The Street art backdrop worked perfectly here with her style and for more information about the fantastic street art that has been going on around Margate recently go and check out Street art Margate’s Facebook community or check them out on twitter and Instagram with #streetartmargate. I love to see all of the new and amazing art that is happening around here and it really is a very inspirational thing taking place. I have used the street art a lot as backdrops for these fashion shoots because I just love how they work well together. I will go back and show you some of the previous street art shoots soon and I am hoping to go around and photograph some of the other works that are around  in the very near future.

Anyway back to Justauniform’s shoot, I love working with these mirrored glasses and have more from this shoot to show you with more of a focus on them. There was a focus brief for not only the outfit but also the captivating braids and nails as well as the gorgeous jewellery. We had so many great photographs from this shoot that it was difficult to narrow my favourites down. I am really fond  of the portrait shots that we captured and hope that you enjoy this colourful shoot.